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Family functioning and adolescents’ psychological well-being in families with a CNS injured parent

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Family functioning and adolescents’ psychological well-being in families with a CNS injured parent
Dan Florin Stănescu, PhD

ABSTRACT - Objectives: This study aimed at examining the interrelation between family functioning and children’s mental health in families with a brain injured parent. First, we wanted to investigate on the respective predictive power of family functioning for children’s psychological well-being. Second, differential subdimensions of family functioning were examined in their predictive power for children’s psychological adaptation. Third, coping strategies on the family system level were differentiated in their predictive power both for family functioning and children’s psychosocial adjustment. Methods: For the current study, data were used from 58 families. The following instruments were used: Youth Self Report, Family Crisis Oriented Personal Scales and Family Assessment Device. Results: Family dysfunction as a whole positively correlate with psychological symptoms of adolescents; four sub dimensions of family functioning predicted children’s problems, namely affective responsiveness, affective involvement, roles and communication. Conclusion: The research is the more important as the studies on the subject are nearly inexistent and it focuses on a category of utmost value – children.

Keywords: mental health, somatically ill parents, acute CNS, protective factors, children

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Irvin D.Yalom, M.D. Darul Psihoterapiei