From friendship to criminogeneza

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de la prietenie la criminogeneza

From friendship to criminogeneza
Cîrjaliu Meliu Diana-Doctor primar psihiatru,Medic Şef Secţie Psihiatrie
Dumitru Coca Tincuţa-Psiholog principal clinician,
Mihai Onciu-Medic legist ŞL

ABSTRACT: The present research starts from a concrete event, aggravated murder, after which the Medical Laboratory Legal Service has requested a psychiatric examination of the defendant. Psychological profile accounts that emerged from this multidisciplinary review led to the increasing objectification of approach psychological, psychiatric and legal professionals. Analysis of personality psychodynamic crime author, has raised the interest of specialists, in the sense that its examination was concluded: the core of criminal personality is a result , at present, not a given. Do not have any mental disorder within the Nosology. However, their personality structure elements can become the premise of criminal acts.