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Research Digest
  1. The mood-stabilising effect of taking the pill has “downstream benefits” for women’s relationships, claims new study
    By Christian Jarrett. The study's cross-sectional design means other interpretations are possible.
  2. Repeatedly watching a video of themselves touching a filthy bedpan reduced people’s OCD symptoms
    By Emma Young. "My hands [felt] clean after using the app" said one participant.
  3. Another social psychology classic bites the dust – meta-analysis finds little evidence for the Macbeth effect
    By Jesse Singal. Maybe the biggest lesson of this meta-analysis has to do with how we communicate science findings.
  4. How To Find Your Calling, According to Psychology
    By Christian Jarrett. People who feel they have answered their calling in life are more likely to thrive and prosper.
  5. Even two-year-olds can tell the difference between a leader and a bully
    By Alex Fradera. Toddlers recognise that the iron fist holds the most tenuous grip on power.

Dacă faci o greșeală, recunoaște-o. Orice încercare de a o ascunde se va întoarce în cele din urmă împotriva ta. La un moment dat pacientul va simți că nu ești sincer și actul terapeutic va suferi. Mai mult, admiterea deschisă a greșelii este un model bun pentru pacienți și un semn în plus al importanței care o au pentru tine.

Irvin D.Yalom, M.D. Darul Psihoterapiei