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I have diabetes type 2 for more than 20 years no and i need insulin to control my blood sugar levels. When I was just diagnosed it was difficult for me to get used to the new life style. I couldn't control everything as I needed, I could forget to take a dosage of medication, I could forget to eat on time to avoid malnutrition, or I could leave my meds at home at all. Due to this inability to remember simple things I found myself in the hospital after fainting on the street several times. This was how life taught me to cherish my life and take care of myself. Gradually I developed the habits necessary to control my life and my disease. No I never leave my house without insulin and other meds my doctor prescribes me with. However recently I found still a better solution - Insulin Glargine or Lantus. This medication is very similar to insulin but much more convenient for me. It has steady action and I can better control my activity. Besides I can order the medication online and have it delivered to the address I want.
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Testosterone is a managed substance, and by legislation, prescriptions of controlled substances are only legitimate for six months. A side impact that happens in a single % or more of individuals taking a selected medicine is taken into account by medical researchers to be attributable to that remedy. Examples of widespread drug negative effects embody nausea, vomiting, fatigue, dizziness, dry mouth, headache, itching, and muscle aches and pains.
And members who used an unbiased pharmacist had been much more likely to say that the pharmacy went out of its method to fill prescriptions faster: Forty-one p.c of people mentioned that occurred at independent pharmacies vs. just 20 % at pharmacy chains.
Artificial drug manufacturing stays the pharmaceutical trade's largest business in China, constituting 65% of industry gross sales. Another 21% of trade gross sales come from traditional Chinese language drugs. Biotech-related medical merchandise and medical gear make up the remainder.
The Public Staff Health Program presents it only for people who use a drug on an inventory of a few dozen drugs the place the state can get important savings.
CONCLUSIONS: Rosuvastatin has the identical acquisition prices as and is extra efficacious than atorvastatin in reducing LDL-C and treating patients to target LDL-C levels.

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Dacă faci o greșeală, recunoaște-o. Orice încercare de a o ascunde se va întoarce în cele din urmă împotriva ta. La un moment dat pacientul va simți că nu ești sincer și actul terapeutic va suferi. Mai mult, admiterea deschisă a greșelii este un model bun pentru pacienți și un semn în plus al importanței care o au pentru tine.

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