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Can family nurse practitioners prescribe psychiatric medication? Nurse practitioners can prescribe medication, including controlled substances, in all 50 states and Washington DC. That said, the degree of independence with which they can prescribe drugs, medical devices (e.g., crutches) or medical services varies by state NP practice authority.
What time of day should vitamin D be taken? Midday, especially during summer, is the best time to get sunlight. At noon, the sun is at its highest point, and its UVB rays are most intense. That means you need less time in the sun to make sufficient vitamin D (5). Many studies also show that the body is most efficient at making vitamin D at noon (6, 7).
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Dacă faci o greșeală, recunoaște-o. Orice încercare de a o ascunde se va întoarce în cele din urmă împotriva ta. La un moment dat pacientul va simți că nu ești sincer și actul terapeutic va suferi. Mai mult, admiterea deschisă a greșelii este un model bun pentru pacienți și un semn în plus al importanței care o au pentru tine.

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