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Family and couple therapy effiency

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eficienta terapiei de cuplu

Family and couple therapy efficiency as a major element in the practicioner’s clinical decision
György GÁSPÁR - clinical psychologist, couple and family integrative psychotherapist;
Romanian Institute for Integrative Psychotherapy;
Emotional and Behavioral Center for Children's Education;

ABSTRACT: This article is a reference framework for arguing the importance and utility of family and couple psychotherapy as processes of psychotherapeutic intervention validated and supported scientifically. The article’s purpose is to integrate the scientific results in clinical practice, to introduce family and couple therapy practices among scientifically validated (Evidence-based practice). It analyzes the main research studies proving the effectiveness of family and couple psychotherapy (FCP), also presenting major programs that were developed in an effort to provide quality services for the family level. Meta-analysis studies show that psychotherapy and family programs are effective, acceptable for customers and cost-effectiveness beneficial and applicability justify their confidence in the current practice emphasizing also the importance of further development of research in the field.
Key words: family therapy, couples therapy, scientifically validated evidence, scientifically proven treatment, empirically tested forms of intervention.

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