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The Script System: An Unconscious Organization of Experience

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The Script System: An Unconscious Organization of Experience
Marye O’Reilly-Knapp,  Richard G. Erskine

ABSTRACT: A cybernetic system such as the Script System is made up of “a set of components or parts that interact to form an organized whole” (Piers, 2005, p.230). Therefore, a change in one of the parts or subsystems will effect a dynamic change in the whole system. By therapeutically attending to physiological sensations and bodily experiences, behaviors and the functions of behaviors, fantasies and dreams, conscious and unconscious (implicit) memories, affects and relational-needs, and the client’s core beliefs about self, others and the quality of life, the psychotherapist facilitates changes in the various subsystems that comprise the Life Script. Hence, the more areas attended to in the process of psychotherapy, the more likely we will facilitate a “script cure” (Erskine, 1980/1997).

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